An Object Detection Navigator to Assist the Visually Impaired using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision


Ethan Wu1, Jonathan Sahagun2 and Yu Sun3, 1USA, 2California State University, USA, 3California State Polytechnic University, USA


The advent and worldwide adoption of smartphones has enriched the lives of many people. However, one particular group--the visually impaired--still need specific apps to help them with their daily lives. Thus, I’m developing this Smart app to specifically help the visually-impaired. Specifically, I hope to integrate the functions of Google Maps into the Smart App. While Google Maps functions well as a GPS for the average person without any impairment, I’m adding additional features to the Smart app so that it would guide the eye-sight impaired. For example, I will use the camera of the Smartphone to guide the user such that it would take the user to the desired destination. Thus, using the inherent functions (camera) of a phone, the Smart app can gently and safely guide any sight-impaired person to a predetermined destination by walking. One can think of Smart app as an improvement upon Google Maps -- for the visually impaired.


Object detection, Google Maps, iOS, Android.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 10