Impact of E-maintenance over Industrial Processes


Yassine MOUMEN, Mariam BENHADOU and Abdellah HADDOUT, Hassan II University, Morocco


During the course of the industrial 4.0 era, companies have been exponentially developed and have digitized almost the whole business system to stick to their performance targets and to keep or to even enlarge their market share. Maintenance function has obviously followed the trend as it’s considered one of the most important processes in every enterprise as it impacts a group of the most critical performance indicators such as: cost, reliability, availability, safety and productivity. E-maintenance emerged in early 2000 and now is a common term in maintenance literature representing the digitalized side of maintenance whereby assets are monitored and controlled over the internet. According to literature, e-maintenance has a remarkable impact on maintenance KPIs and aims at ambitious objectives like zero-downtime.


E-Maintenance, Maintenance, Industry 4.0, Industrial Performance, zero-downtime.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 11