Classification of Mammographic Images by Openvino: A Proposal of use to Enhance More Effectivity in Cancer Diagnosis


Horacio Emidio de Lucca Junior1, 2 and Arnaldo Rodrigues Santos Jr2, 1Centro Educacional da Fundação Salvador Arena, CEFSA, Brazil, 2Centro de Ciências Naturais e Humanas (CCNH), Universidade Federal do ABC, Brazil


Diseases that are characterized by the disordered growth of cells that, in many cases, have the property of invading tissues and organs are commonly called cancer. Such cells divide quickly and the invasion can be very aggressive and uncontrolled, resulting in formation of malignant tumors Mammographic images from libraries of the American digital database DDSM were used in this research for digital improvement and characteristic analysis using the OpenVino computer program This work has as main objective to analyze mammography images of breast nodules and to propose a method of classification by shape and texture using computer programs that can maximize the accuracy in the correct diagnosis regarding the malignancy or not of a tumor. It is a tool that it can be useful as a contribution in the interpretation of the results to mastologists who identify such nodules through the analyzed radiological images.


Diagnostic imaging, Image processing, Computer-Aided Detection, Computer-Aided Diagnosis.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 12