A Fragmentation Region-based Skyline Computation Framework for a Group of Users


Ghoncheh Babanejad Dehaki1, Hamidah Ibrahim1, Nur Izura Udzir1, Fatimah Sidi1 and Ali Amer Alwan2, 1Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, 2International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia


Skyline processing, an established preference evaluation technique, aims at discovering the best, most preferred objects, i.e. those that are not dominated by other objects, in satisfying the user’s preferences. In today’s society, due to the advancement of technology, ad-hoc meetings or impromptu gathering are becoming more and more common. Deciding on a suitable meeting point (object)for a group of people (users) to meet is not a straightforward task especially when these users are located at different places with distinct preferences. A place which is close by to the users might not provide the facilities/services that meet all the users’ preferences; while a place having the facilities/services that meet most of the users’ preferences might be too distant from these users. Although the skyline operator can be utilised to filter the dominated objects among the objects that fall in the region of interest of these users, computing the skylines for various groups of users in similar region would mean rescanning the objects of the region and repeating the process of pair wise comparisons among the objects which are undoubtedly unwise. On this account, this study presents a region-based skyline computation framework which attempts to resolve the above issues by fragmenting the search region of a group of users and utilising the past computed skyline results of the fragments. The skylines, which are the objects recommended to be visited by a group of users, are derived by analysing both the locations of the users, i.e. spatial attributes, as well as the spatial and non-spatial attributes of the objects. Several experiments have been conducted and the results show that our proposed framework outperforms the previous works with respect to CPU time.


Skyline Queries, Preference Queries, Group Preferences, Fragmentation Strategy.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 13