Impact of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Sector during Covid-19 Pandemic


Zeba Mahmood, Kaunas Technology University, Lithuania


Globally, the pandemic has affected management of risks. Progressively Blockchain is being applicable over the management of healthcare, as an imperative method for improving organizationalprotocols and for providing the convenient support for a productive and efficient decision-making process hinge on facts. In healthcare, different approaches to emergency preparedness can be recognized; indeed, each emergency is distinguished by different stages. In healthcare, we intend to role: explicitly, it will be responsible to enhance COVID19-safe clinical proceeding. The primary approaches obtainable from various blockchain-based models, and distinctly those associated by clinical individuals in the future throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic either on the would be capable to perform an outstanding assumption of furthermore infectious conditions. We believe that in real infectious disease outbreaks, blockchain technology undertaking, have been documented here and part in the future.


COVID–19, Blockchain, pandemic, healthcare.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 13