SmartBark: An Automated Dog Barking Detection and Monitoring System using AI and Deep Learning


Xiangjian Liu1, Yishan Zou2 and Yu Sun3, 1USA, 2University of Pennsylvania, USA, 3California State Polytechnic University, USA


Dogs have the tendency to bark at loud noises that they perceive as an intruder or a threat, and the hostile barking can often last up to hours depending on the duration of such noise. These barking sessions are unnecessary and negatively impact the quality of life of the others in your community, causing annoyance to your neighbors [1]. Having the rights to file noise complaints to the Home Owners Association, potentially resulting in fines or even the removal of the pet [2]. In this paper, we will discuss the development of an algorithm that takes in audio inputs through a microphone, then processes the audio and identifies that the audio clip is dog barks through machine learning, and ultimately sends the notification to the user. By implementing our application to the everyday life of dog owners, it allows them to accurately determine the status of their dog in real-time with minimal false reports.


Monitoring System, Deep Learning, AI, mobile platform.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 14