Industrial Big Data Analytics and Cyber-Physical Systems for Future Maintenance & Service Innovation


Temitope O Awodiji, California Miramar University, USA


Based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) fast advancement and the integration of advanced analytics into manufacturing, products, and services, several industries face new opportunities and at the identical time challenges of maintaining their ability and market desires. Such integration, that is termed Cyber-physical Systems (CPS), is remodeling the industry into a future level. CPS facilitates the systematic conversion of big data into information that reveals invisible patterns of deterioration and inefficiency and leads to better decision-making. This project focuses on existing trends within the development of industrial huge information analytics and CPS. Then it, in brief, discusses a system architecture for applying CPS in manufacturing referred to as 5C. The 5C architecture, comprises necessary steps to totally integrate cyber-physical systems within the manufacturing industry.


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Big Data, Analytic, Data, Data Science, Data Architecture, Cyber Physical Systems, Integration.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 14