Prediction of Vaccination Side-Effects using Deep Learning


Farhan Uz Zaman, Tanvinur Rahman Siam and Zulker Nayen, BRAC University, Bangladesh


Deep learning has been very successful in the field of research which includes predictions. In this paper, one such prediction is discussed which can help to implement safe vaccination. Vaccination is very important in order to fight viral diseases such as covid-19. However, people at times have to go through unwanted side effects of the vaccinations which might often cause serious illness. Therefore, modern techniques are to be utilised for safe implementations of vaccines. In this research, Gated Recurrent Unit, GRU, which is a form of Recurrent Neural Network is used to predict whether a particular vaccine will have any side effect on a particular patient. The extracted predictions might be used before deciding whether a vaccine should be injected to a particular person or not.


Deep Learning, Gated Recurrent Unit, Recurrent Neural Network.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 14