Online Assessment of English for Specific Purposes


Renáta Nagy and Dr. Vilmos Warta, University of Pécs, Hungary


The study is about the questions of online assessment of English for Specific Purposes. The focus is on online assessment as a possible future form of language testing which truly has a huge importance hence today’s situation around the globe. It can unquestionably be used as a perspective in a vast array of contents The study is innovative and its main aim is to uncover the intriguing questions and issues of online testing and to enlighten the candidates and professional assessors about the advantages and disadvantages of online testing. A thorough experimental process is currently being implemented involving a process that includes an online questionnaire completed by English and Hungarian students at the Medical School of the University of Pécs. Material and methods include already completed surveys, which will be followed by needs analysis and trial versions of online tests. These surveys do not only question future candidates but also assessors in order to find both perspectives of needs and wants. These include the aspects of tasks, content, skills, technology and others.


Assessment, ESP, Language testing, Online, Validity.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 14