Data Protection through Data Security-as-a-Service using Blockchain Enabled Platform


Magesh Kasthuri, Hitarshi Buch, Krishna Moorthy and Vinod Panicker, Wipro Limited, India


Data access is inevitable in today’s world and it is prone to threat attacks and hence data security is utmost important for any enterprise to handle industrial solutions. The economics of data being used across the industries rapidly growing in current digital world so the potential data related threats is also rapidly growing. Data security is an integrated solution component for any Enterprise solution but with the growing demand on data security and potential threat handling, Data Security as a Service (DSaaS)f is a new model widely accepted in modern age architecture in Blockchain and Big Data world combining the power of cloud based security services, decentralized network in Blockchain and tamper-proof ledger management. Any Enterprise Security architecture comprises of how data is handled in a secured way and how integration between services (consumers/producers or API interaction or any middleware services) handles data between them. Hence it is inevitable to that future technology adoption should include Data Security-as-a-service for zero-trust solution design complying with compliance and security standards for industry.


Data Security, Blockchain, Decentralized Ledger, DSaaS, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA), Cloud Access Service Broker (CASB), Certificate Management, Key Management.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 18