An Intelligent System to Improve Athlete Depression and Eating Disorder using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis


Xuannuo Chen1 and Yu Sun2, 1Linfield Christian, USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA


The inspiration for the creation of this app stemmed from the deeply rooted history of eating disorders in sports, particularly in sports that emphasize appearance and muscularity which often includes gymnastics, figure skating, dance, and diving [1]. All three sports require rapid rotation in the air which automatically results in the necessity of a more stringent weight requirement. Eating disorders can also be aggravated by sports who focus on individual performances rather than team-oriented like basketball or soccer [5]. According to research, up to thirteen percent of all athletes have, or are currently suffering from a form of eating disorder such as anorexia [2] and bulimia [3]. In the National Collegiate Athletic Association, it is estimated that up to sixteen percent of male athletes and forty-five percent of female athletes have been diagnosed with an eating disorder.


Data Mining, Mobile APP, Machine Learning.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 19