Multi-Layer Encryption Algorithm


Akula Vamsi Krishna Rao1, V.N. Aditya Datta Chivukula2, Sri Keshava Reddy Adupala2 and Abhiram Reddy Cholleti2, 1CMR Engineering College, India, 2International Institute of Information Technology, India


In recent years, security has become a big issue for many applications to defend attacks from intruders. Exchanging credentials in plaintext might expose it to stealers. Many techniques are required to protect the data of the consumers from attackers. Cryptography has come up with a solution to provide security for the users to exchange data securely by the means of the process called as Encryption/ Decryption. In this field, there are basically two techniques of cryptography i.e Symmetric and asymmetric, developed to achieve a secure connection between the sender and receiver. These techniques provide specific goals in maintaining privacy by converting original message to non-readable form and sends it over a communication channel. The unauthorized members try to break the non-readable form but the difficulty depends upon the techniques that were used to encrypt the data. In this paper, we proposed a quadruple encryption algorithm consists of novel phase-shift algorithm, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), TwoFish and RC4 and making it hard to attack by common methods.


Cryptography, AES, Two-fish, RC4, Phase-shift.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 21