Intelligent System for Solving Problems of Veterinary Medicine on the Example of Dairy Farms


Shopagulov Olzhas, Tretyakov Igor and Ismailova Aisulu, Kazakh Agro Technical University, Kazakhstan


This article describes an automated expert system developed to diagnose cow diseases and assist veterinarians in treatment. We set before a diagnostic method based on the analysis of observed symptoms and experience of veterinarians. The system represents a web interface for maintaining a database of diseases, their symptoms and treatment methods, as well as a smartphone application for the diagnostics in offline mode. The developed intelligent system will allow agricultural producers to make specific decisions based on automated data analysis. Also presented in the article the information on the developed expert system, and the results of tests and testing during its use. The economic efficiency and importance of the work is determined by the possibility of automated recording of data on the livestock of animals, zoo technical and veterinary operations.


Intelligent system, diagnosis of diseases, application evaluation, milk yield, herd management

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 2