Automatic Detection and Extraction of Lungs Cancer Nodules Using Connected Components Labeling and Distance Measure Based Classification


Mamdouh Monif1, Kinan Mansour2, Waad Ammar2 and Maan Ammar1, 1AL Andalus University for Medical Sciences, Syria, 2Al Andalus University Hospital, Syria


We introduce in this paper a method for reliable automatic extraction of lung area from CT chest images with a wide variety of lungs image shapes by using Connected Components Labeling (CCL) technique with some morphological operations. The paper introduces also a method using the CCL technique with distance measure based classification for the efficient detection of lungs nodules from extracted lung area. We further tested our complete detection and extraction approach using a performance consistency check by applying it to lungs CT images of healthy persons (contain no nodules). The experimental results have shown that the performance of the method in all stages is high.


lungs cancer, lungs area extraction, nodules detection, distance measure, performance consistency check.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 7