An Applicability of Blockchain Model in Business use Case - A Technical Approach


Anitha Premkumar, Presidency University Rajankunde, India


Business network brings many organizations close together to achieve their desired goals and profit from it. People from different organizations may or may not know each other but still can be part of a business network. A major challenge with these business networks is how to provide trust among people and data security. Blockchain is another means through which many organizations in the current digital age are overcoming these problems with ease. Blockchains have also changed the way the business transactions with clients take place. Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger in a peer to peer network which can be public or private, and it enables individuals or companies to collaborate with each other to achieve trust and transparency between business and its clients. Many implementations of blockchain technology are widely available today. Each of them have their own strengths for a specific application domain. They can fundamentally alter electronic communications with a potential to affect all sorts of transaction processing systems. However, there are still many challenges of blockchain technology waiting to be solved such as scalability and adoptability. In this paper, we provide the knowledge on Blockchain technology and we present the applicability of blockchain in the business models and also discuss the relevant use cases for Banking and Supply Chain models.


Blockchain, Secure Web Transaction, Decentralized Distributed Ledger, Peer to Peer Network.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 8