Technique for Removing Unnecessary Superimposed Patterns from Image using Generative Network


Kazutake Uehira and Hiroshi Unno, Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan


A technique for removing unnecessary patterns from captured images by using a generative network is studied. The patterns, composed of lines and spaces, are superimposed onto a blue component image of RGB color image when the image is captured for the purpose of acquiring a depth map. The superimposed patterns become unnecessary after the depth map is acquired. We tried to remove these unnecessary patterns by using a generative adversarial network (GAN) and an auto encoder (AE). The experimental results show that the patterns can be removed by using a GAN and AE to the point of being invisible. They also show that the performance of GAN is much higher than that of AE and that its PSNR and SSIM were over 45 and about 0.99, respectively. From the results, we demonstrate the effectiveness of the technique with a GAN.


GAN, Auto encoder, Depth map, Pattern removing.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 9