A Desktop Application to Help Speakers Switch Slides by using AI and Voice Recognition


Yixin Liang1, Marisabel Chang2, 1Portola High School, USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA


Presentation is a skill that everyone has, and it is very commonly seen in companies, schools, conferences, etc [1]. And the purpose of a slide is to give the audience a better understanding of the topic and to add ideas that they forgot to mention [2]. It also adds visual support to the speaker's discussion. Usually the presenter held a slide remote or just used their computer to control the slide pace while presenting. However, the slide remote can often be unstable due to battery switching. Even those who do not have a slide remote are unable to ensure a smooth presentation because they need to constantly switch back and forth on the computer screen with the mouse, which not only makes the speaker more nervous but also likely to skip the slide. Slidecontroller uses existing AI technology, voice recognition, as a medium to allow users to enter the transition word used to switch slides [3]. For example, when the user enters "Now I am going to talk about'' when this word is spoken the Slidecontroller will receive the voice and match the speaker's turn to the next slide. The user can be creative with the keyword selection that best fits their presentation vibe. Or the user could use the Slidecontroller default option which controls the slide by simply saying “Next” to go to the next slide, “Previous” to go to the previous slide, and “Thank you” to stop the App to prevent from catching a similar keyword that accidentally switches the slide [4].


AI, voice recognition, Slide controller

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